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Per the rule of Chinese Government,every company need to declare tax every month. If a company can't follow this rule, it will be punished by tax bureau.
Every company is required to maintain properly accounting records in accordance with accounting standards in China and report taxes monthly.
The details of our services are as below:
> Update the books in accordance with the Chinese Accounting Standards
> Prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing purpose
> File monthly Business Tax Return
> File Corporate Income Tax Return
We analyze your daily transactions and make sure each is properly categorized and classed so that you can take advantage of every tax break. The more our Accounting Team learns about your business,the better job we can do to help you save money and time.

We also work with you to develop the financial reporting you need and, depending on the size of your firm,we can also provide quarterly comparisons within your industry. Our team can help you use your financial reports to make the best business decisions.
The average tax burden is 3%-5% depends on which industry you are in.
We also help you to handle all the tax such as:
> Individual Income Tax
> Enterprise Income Tax
> Value Added Tax (VAT)
> Tax Calculation and Declaration
> Tax Return and Tax Refund Management
> Financial Analysis