Establish Company In China

As you know, China is the world factroy for all kinds of industry goods, also coming to a huge consumer market about the foods, sports, entertainment, etc. Many expats want to export goods to China, to develop Chinese market for their own products, or import goods from China.
Establish a company in China will be very useful for explose the market in China. It's also convenient and cost saving for export goods from China,becasue you can deal with the producer directly, and get the tax refund from Chinese government.Many foreigners wanted to set up companies in China before, but cancelled their plan because of the huge cost and complicated process.
Now Chinese government has done many optimizations, It's not difficult for a foreigner set up a company in China any more!

What can I do if I have set up a company in China?
Almost every business you can engaged in and only a little kind of business need a special permit.
Import/export goods into/from China, deal with factroy directly, not agent anymore.
Explose Chinese market in China for your products and service

What's the requirement for establishing a company?

Only two passports within expiry!

What's the cost for setting sup and running a company in China?
Free virtal address provided by Chinese government for set up company, that means you don't need to rent an office in China any more!
USD500 for establising a company
About USD150 per month for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax handling
About USD300 for annual tax compliance

How long to set up a company in China?
About one month.

What's the tax rate for a company in China?
About 1%-3% of the turnover depends on which industry you engaged.

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