Market Research

Market research is a key factor to provide important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. Market research, which includes social and opinion research, is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight or support decision making.

Dan&Young Business Consultancy help expats for marketing research including:

> Comparison of different business type:
  Representative office
  Wholly foreign owned enterprise
  Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise
> Places & Rental in China:
  Rental fee per square
  Human traffic
  Money spending per person
  Competitor around
> Steps of start-up business
  Rent a place or places: deposit, rental fee, management fee, water, electricity
  Decoration: ceiling, wall, floor board, counter, lights, sink, door
  Interior layout: tables, chairs, machines, air-conditional, Phone, Internet, Wechat, Furniture arrangement, POS installation
  Get the permission from Government: Name approval, Business Certificate, Catering permit, Foreign investment permit, Tax Certificate, Organization code certificate, Bank account setup, Registration of the trademark, sales invoice preparation
  Recruitment: General Manager, Store manager, Waitress,  Labor contract drafting
  Big Opening Day
  Marketing promotion: Web online order, local comment web, leaflet, poster, TV Ads, Subway Ads, Newspaper Ads, Bus-stop ads, Wechat Ads
  Operation management: supplier corporation
> HR part
  What's the government regulation-labor department to foreign investment company?
  What's the government regulation-labor department to your industry?
  How much my employee actual gain from salary? What's the cost of salary from the view of company? 
> Taxation part
  What’s the tax preference refers to catering industry?
  What’s personal tax regulation to foreign investors?
> Salary budget & Start-up budget