Special Permit

In China, some special industry need to be approved by Government Authority. Our experienced consultant will complete all the procedure of this application for you.

The following industries need to get the special approval before the register of your company in China:
Transport business of dangerous goods
Taxi operation business
Production or marketing the civil explosives
Financial institution-banking
Financial institution-non-banking
Financial institution-loan company
Financial institution-investment guarantee agency
Telecommunication business

The following industries need to get the special approval after the register of your company:
Foreign invested enterprise
Advertising enterprise
Seed business and management
Production of animal
Production of wild animal and plant
Contractor of power supply facility
Transportation operation-road
Transportation operation-waterway
Transportation operation-marine
Production of airline equipment
Repair of agricultural machinery
Recycling of car
Production of measuring instrument
Production of the engine, car, motocycle
Production of hazardous chemical
Wholesale or retail the fireworks and crackers
Production of toxic chemical
Import or export chemical equipment
Production of hygienic products
Production of Chinese medicine
Production of food additives
Express delivery business
Printing business
Electronic journals
Entertainment business
HR agency
Entry and exit agent service