Business Law Consultancy in China

In the past years, Dan&Young business consultancy worked with some famous law firms, to help expats deal with their legal issues in China.
We can recommand the best lawer to you to deal with your problems in China.
For example:
> Corporate in-house counsel
The "corporate in-house counsel" service is to protect your firm from the dispute of labor contract, sales contract, purchasing contract. We corporate with two law firm for a long time so as to recommend professional lawyer according to your need. Controlling and estimating the business risk is important to corporation, too.
> Contract drafting and review 
Contract is the basic formal document within business world. It’s the evidence of the agreement between two parties. So the accuracy and integrity of the contract is necessary in case the dispute happens. Our recommended lawyer will offer the service on drafting and reviewing the contract for you.
> Lawsuit advocacy
We also offer other legal service if you need. For example, you may want a third party witness when big issue occurs; you may want a lawyer help you dealing with some lawsuit.