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About us

广州公司注册-关于我们.jpgMany expats want to set up bussiness in China. As you know, the Chinese market is huge, and have local sources to let a company with all kinds for options for trading, sales, consultancy and manufacturing. However, Chinese laws and bureaucratic systems are sitll a mystery to many expats.How to know who to trust to get the job done?
Dan&Young Business Consultancy is located in Canton CBD-Zhujiang New Town, was set up by several professional business consultants, experienced Certified Accountants and Tax Accountants.We devote ourselves to offer professional service to Small-and-Medium Size Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Investors from oversea.
Our local Chinese experts, are fluent in English and Chinese, and sepcialize in the disciplines you need. Our services include WFOE set-up in Guangzhou, China accounting, taxes, business law in China,  and visa applications for China.

Our experienced “Company Registration” team is to offer the optimal solutions on the basis of least cost and the shortest time. Our service includes new company set up, registered capital increase and decrease, registered information modification, general VAT taxpayer application and employee’s social security application. We also provide new company registration in Guangzhou, Hongkong, Other cities in China and other countries.

Our experienced “Accounting and Tax Service” team is to offer the best bookkeeping service and tax declaration service. In our team, we have certified accountant with tax planning experience and tax accountant with high educated and oversea working experience. We are not only familiar with Chinese taxation law, but also with forward-looking vision which is active forecast of future trends. We offer customized solution on tax planning which can save your running cost. We use stable bookkeeping software to record your information so that to make sure extraction is clear and timely.

Our experienced “Business Administration Service” team is to offer the warmly service to foreigners. We offer business travel planning, translation, Visa application, and tour guide service.

Our experienced “Intellectual Property Service” team is to offer service on trademark registration and patent application in China. These records are to protect you within Chinese Law to reduce your business risk.

Our experienced “Legal Service” team corporates with two law firm to give you business law consultancy. It includes normal 广州公司注册-关于我们-02.jpgcorporate in-house counsel, contract drafting and reviewing, and lawsuit advocacy. We all professional person are here to ensure your business is safe and profitable.

Our Purpose

Cut your operational cost by professional knowledge, updated information and best service

Our Mission

To help you grow up in China